Acute Neck Pain

The sudden onset of acute neck pain is an exceedingly common presenting complaint at chiropractic clinics.

Our clinic is located in the City of London where it is not uncommon for employees to sit at their desks working at computers with one or more screens in constrained postures for long periods of time – for most, each and every day.

This places great strain on the neck itself as well as the supporting musculature. Other causes of acute neck pain include heavy lifting, sporting activities, sleeping in awkward positions and stress.

Chiropractic treatment of neck pain patients has been extensively researched and has been found to be clinically effective, safe and cost effective.

Chiropractic Treatment

Initially, the chiropractor will interview and examine the patient in order to determine whether chiropractic care is appropriate. X-rays, scans and blood tests are not usually required to manage acute neck pain but can quickly be arranged at our clinic.

A treatment plan will be decided upon and great emphasis is placed upon patient participation and understanding. Most acute episodes of acute neck pain are easily managed and patients can expect significant improvement within a few days and a week is usually sufficient to complete treatment.

Chiropractic care consists spinal manipulation/mobilisation, soft tissue treatment and advice regarding “over the counter” medication, ice/heat and other factors that are of relevance to the individual patient.

Preventative therapy is usually exercise focused and carried out under supervision at our clinic gym. Advice regarding work, leisure activities, general health issues that may affect the spine and individually related issues also form the basis of your preventative care.

Evidence and Safety

Chiropractic treatment has been investigated in many high quality scientific studies and international guidelines recommend it as a first line treatment for both acute and chronic neck pain. It has been found to be both clinically effective, safe as well as cost-effective.

The Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 Task Force on Neck Pain and its Associated Disorders has recently published its findings in a supplementary issue of the European Spine Journal. It was concluded that “a number of alternative and complementary medicine interventions have more evidence of efficacy than traditional medicine”. Chiropractic care was recommended as a first choice mode of treatment.