The Initial Consultation: £70

  • The initial consultation consists of a thorough review of your presenting complaint, previous episodes, related health matters and a general health review.
  • This is followed by an orthopaedic and neurological examination relevant to the presenting complaint.
  • The conclusions of steps “a” and “b” will determine whether additional examinations such as x-ray, MRI scans or blood tests are necessary.
  • Conclusions, a treatment strategy and expectations will be presented to you in an entirely understandable manner and your consent will be required prior to proceeding.
  • A treatment will be carried out.
  • You will receive a “report of findings and treatment plan” by email prior to your next consultation.
  • If chiropractic care is not suitable for your condition you will of course be referred to another specialist at out clinic. Our clinical team is the largest of any spine centre in London.

Follow up Consultations: £50

  • Your first follow-up consultations will include a review of developments since your first treatment as well as repeating the most important clinical tests that were found to be “positive” at the initial consultation.
  • A treatment including soft-tissue work and spinal manipulation will be carried out.
  • Advice regarding work and leisure activities will be reviewed as will further expectations.
  • Exercises will be introduced when appropriate.
  • Any questions will be answered.

All of our services are covered by private health care insurance. Some require a GP referral or pre-authorisation from your insurer.