Massage Therapy

Briar Adams

Briar Adams has been active in complementary health and physical education for over ten years. A classically trained dancer and experienced coach, Briar qualified in Massage Therapy (ITEC) in 2005.

In her private practice, Briar has worked with individuals and corporate clients from a variety of backgrounds. She has a particular interest in conditions affecting the hip and lower back, and specialises in working with IT corporate clients to address the chronic conditions typical of this field.

Briar’s treatment methods draw on her experience of elite dance practice, and knowledge of complementary disciplines including pilates, yoga and gymnastics.

In addition to manual therapy, Briar can advise on appropriate strength and flexibility exercises as part of an individual’s treatment plan.

Lucinda Insall-Jones

Lucinda completed her degree at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in physiological sciences and during her studies was chosen as a member of the University Elite Athletes Squad.

Lucinda is a level 1 CHEK practitioner through the CHEK Institute in the USA. Lucinda also holds her Certified Personal Trainer qualification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is a member of Fitness Professionals.

Lucinda has also completed her qualifications for massage and sports massage therapy and provides excellent care in this area.

Lucinda currently represents Great Britain in the age group Duathlon Team. Lucinda takes patients in frequently planned training sessions for both running and cycling and is happy to advise on injuries obtained or training strategies in these fields.

Exercise therapy is imperative for the majority of recurring or chronic spinal and extremity lesions. We are pleased to have Lucinda on our staff due to her many years of experience in providing exercise instruction to both patients and athletes.

Lucinda specialises in corrective and high performance exercise programmes for both patients and athletic populations. She teaches specific strengthening exercises to patients with back, neck and extremity problems. Lucinda will instruct and supervise patients until they are comfortable performing them on their own.


  • 40 min – £40
  • 50min – £55
  • 60min – £70