Multidisciplinary Care

What does this mean and why is it necessary?

Most people are aware of the fact that different health disciplines diagnose and treat similar conditions and that oftentimes there may be an overlap of expertise. For example, both chiropractors and physiotherapists treat acute and chronic neck pain. Treatment goals may indeed be similar in that the initial approach is to reduce pain and disability and as the condition improves care focuses on prevention which is usually related to advice and exercise prescription.

Occasionally, two practitioners may co-manage a patient. A typical example of co-management at our clinic would be that initial treatment for neck pain would be provided by a chiropractor due to their significant skills in managing pain. If the pain is indeed severe, prescription medication may be recommended and we have a GP on staff who can provide a prescription within a few minutes. When the initial symptoms have subsided the patient may then be referred to a physiotherapist who may have greater experience in supervising exercise and providing ergonomic advice. As you may have concluded this 3-way care provides the patient with a more specialised level of care which will result in a more rapid and complete recovery – all within the same clinical setting.

If, during the initial consultation the chiropractor is concerned about an underlying condition that may be the cause of the neck pain he may wish to refer the patient to a GP or indeed a Consultant for additional investigations such as blood work, MRI scans, nerve conduction tests, and so forth. Examples of conditions that can result in neck pain include lung conditions, throat conditions, infections, inflammatory arthritis and so forth. We have assembled the largest group of spine and joint experts of any London based clinic in order to address the myriad of underlying conditions that may appear to be simple and uncomplicated pain – as seen from the patient perspective – but may be the result of a more serious underlying condition. If the additional investigations do not reveal anything sinister then the chiropractor can resume care in a safe and confident manner.

The knowledge base relating to the spine, joints and muscles of the body increases dramatically every month and it is virtually impossible for any individual to be an expert in every area. In addition to areas of specific interest – such as a chiropractor who treats many sports injuries such as shoulder or knee pain, no one can provide state of the art service for all conditions. It is not that many years ago that orthopaedic surgeons operated on all joints of the body. Today, in central London, the degree of specialisation has resulted in sub-specialties such that shoulder surgeons operate on shoulders, and knee surgeons operate on knees, and so forth.

That in essence is the main reason why multi-disciplinary clinics have developed, particularly in the private sector. Our clinic is located in the heart of the City of London where accessibility, time and expertise are crucial. We are pleased to have assembled a highly experienced and skilled group of practitioners who work in an integrated manner to help patients as quickly and as comprehensively as possible.